Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Year

This is my first working week this year. I've had a relatively quiet Christmas, which I was very pleased about it. I used to love Christmas because of that beautiful atmosphere. Now I don't really care any feast anymore. I believe most importantly I understand how lucky I am to live my life every single day. I recently received this beautiful message from a friend :

ALL IN A DAY by Cynthia Rylant (Illustrated by Nikki McClure)
A day is a perfect piece of time to live a life,
to plant a seed,  to watch the sun go by.
A day starts early, work to do, beneath a brand-new sky.
A day brings hope and kindness, too… a day is all its own.
You can make a wish, and start again, you can find your way back home.
Every bird and every tree and every living thing loves the promise in a day,
loves what it can bring.
There is a faith in morningtime, there is belief in noon.
Evening will come whispering and shine a bright round moon.
A day can change just everything, given half a chance.
Rain could show up at your door and teach you how to dance.
The past is sailing off to sea, the future’s fast asleep.
A day is all you have to be, it’s all you get to keep.

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